About JourneyEngine

Only the best companies do it right; and those who do eat their competitor’s lunch. Data-driven marketing gets results. 

When it comes down to making important decisions, too many businesses still rely on gut instinct, the H.I.P.P.O (highest paid person’s opinion), internal agendas, etc. It's not their fault.

We believe that every organization—from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses—can enjoy the same benefits and returns; it usually just takes a little guidance and a few tweaks in their process!

We’re here to lead the charge by helping businesses inject informed strategy into every part of their digital marketing plan to choose goals, set targets, and deliver the results to drive business growth.

About Justin

Justin Thomas has been a practitioner of data-driven marketing since 2008. After earning an MBA in Marketing Management and consulting for brands including Toyota, Honda, Farmers Insurance, Arco, and Castrol, Justin joined Los Angeles digital agency TVGla to launch and grow their Digital Analytics Team. There he helped create and manage analytical business cultures for brands like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Fox Home Entertainment, Starz, Paramount, The History Channel, Cinemax, USA Network, Mattel, Grupo Campari, Hard Rock Hotels and Pepsi Co.

Justin started JourneyEngine to help companies of all sizes enjoy the same digital strategies as the brands he worked with in the big agency world. He’s a constant student of consumer behavior and a believer that the best marketers use the left brain (analytical) to sharpen the right brain (creative), and know how to combine old school advertising strategy with leading-edge best practices, tools and data.