Have you been wondering why your site isn’t ranking for keywords that are crucial to your business? Would you like to be certain that all your SEO bases are covered and that you have the best possible chance to be found by your most valuable customers?

After working with hundreds of businesses, we’ve found very few sites that can’t be improved in some way through SEO best practices. Many businesses we work with even understand where they’re falling short, but have trouble prioritizing and implementing the right fixes. You shouldn’t have to tackle that alone, which is why we developed the Deep-Dive Technical Site Audit.


This isn’t your run-of-the-mill SEO checkup. Our exhaustive technical site audits have the power to expose all problem areas that may be hindering desired rankings or preventing legitimate customers from finding your site. We use top-of-the-line crawl diagnostic and analysis tools to cover hundreds of checkpoints and to reveal information architecture issues that might be negatively affecting rankings. 


After we conduct our analysis, we’ll provide you with a roadmap that includes:

•    A one-on-one video meeting.
•    A prioritized, step-by-step list of elements to address.
•    A customized plan of action to optimize your online presence.

The plan and reports are yours to keep and share with your team or marketing professional as needed.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after we deliver your audit and plan you do not think you can use this information to dramatically improve your results, simply ask us for a full refund. 

Take the next step to digital success. Once you submit your request we’ll schedule a time for you to talk with Justin for an initial discovery session. The estimated time to deliver your audit and action plan is approximately two weeks after our first meeting.


Your Technical Site Audit covers 18 top-level SEO checkpoint areas.

(If you're unfamiliar with any of these, don't worry. This will all make sense by the end of the process).

•    Thin content
•    Duplicate content
•    Hidden content
•    Under-optimized pages
•    Issues with header tags
•    Top pages with low CTRs
•    Under-optimized landing pages
•    Obtrusive ads

•    Anomalies in crawl rate
•    Index bloat
•    Broken money pages
•    404 page trends
•    404 page configuration issues
•    Server issues
•    Low-value content handling
•    Cloaking
•    Ineffective use of no-follow tags
•    Navigation indexing
•    Pagination issues
•    Lazy load content indexing

•    Missing sitemaps
•    Sitemap submissions
•    Sitemap errors
•    Low-quality pages in sitemap
•    Blocked pages in sitemap
•    Sitemap optimization

•    Missing robots.txt file(s)
•    Sitemap declarations
•    Robots.txt errors
•    Pages that shouldn’t be blocked
•    Wildcards used ineffectively

•    Homepage canonicalization
•    Canonicalizing duplicate content
•    Case issues
•    Missing canonical tags
•    Configuration issues
•    Self-referential canonicals
•    Cross-site canonicals

•    Directory structure
•    Breadcrumb optimization
•    Infinite scroll issues
•    Dynamic URLs
•    URL configuration

Internal Links
•    Links to high-authority pages
•    Links to broken pages
•    Anchor text optimization
•    Daisy-chain links
•    Links between content and money pages
•    Linking and JavaScript

Inbound Links
•    Inbound link trending
•    Spammy links
•    Best link opportunities
•    Backlink recovery

Semantic Markup
•    Missing structured data
•    Rich snippet opportunities
•    Structured data errors
•    Local business markup
•    Missing snippets

•    Image placement analysis
•    Image optimization
•    ALT text optimization
•    Image sitemaps
•    Visibility in image search

Meta Titles
•    Missing titles
•    Title optimization
•    Long titles
•    Duplicate titles
•    Title fix prioritization

Meta Descriptions
•    Missing descriptions
•    Description optimization
•    Long descriptions
•    Duplicate descriptions
•    Description fix prioritization

Site Speed
•    Analysis of money pages
•    Page caching
•    HTTP request analysis
•    Gzip compression
•    Inline CSS and JavaScript
•    Asset minification

•    Mobile-friendly analysis
•    Resource blocking
•    Vary HTTP header issues
•    Rel alternate and canonical confusion
•    Mobile sitemaps
•    Redirect issues
•    Mobile-only broken pages
•    App interstitial issues
•    Media query analysis
•    App indexing issues
•    Google AMP analysis
•    Image optimization on mobile

•    Geotargeting
•    Mismatched hreflang and canonical tags
•    Missing hreflang tags
•    Hreflang errors
•    International backlink analysis
•    Outdated tags

•    Google My Business analysis
•    Bing Places analysis
•    Knowledge graph info incorrect
•    Location page issues
•    Missing favicon
•    Reputation management

•    Article indexing
•    News sitemap strategy
•    Google News formatting issues
•    News video strategy
•    Mobile optimization
•    Mobile app highlight opportunity

HTTP to HTTPS Migration
•    Common errors
•    Server key analysis
•    Redirect strategy
•    Missing canonical tags
•    Missing robots.txt
•    Updating disavow file
•    Common Google search console issues
•    Optimization of Google Analytics for secure site