Marketing Measurement for Winners

Part IV

Why Measure Your Engine?


You’ve now got a system to build an audience and turn each prospect into a loving customer. With great content and great marketing, you are already pretty dang close!


But how do you know whether the content and marketing components of your engine are really great, or if they actually stink?


How can you tell if your engine’s in danger, or what can be done to make it run better?


You need data.


In the next step, we build a measurement layer into your engine.


It is truly painful how many businesses undervalue this component, usually because it feels complicated or overwhelming.


But it doesn’t have to be!


And it shouldn’t be.



Think about your car’s dashboard. You can easily see all the critical info about your engine; when it needs fuel, when it’s getting dangerously hot or cold, when it needs oil..



This is exactly what you want for your Customer Journey Engine. A quick, easy, real-time view of the most critical info you need to keep your engine running at it’s best.


When companies find the right metrics it changes how the business is run forever. I've seen the transformation first-hand, and it is spectacular.


Marketers find themselves “behind the wheel”, able to keep the reigns on their project and navigate their strategy like pilots.


But if you want to measure like a boss, there are a few common traps you need to avoid like the plague.

Measurement Roadblocks to Avoid


THE Three reasons most businesses fail at measurement:


Data-Barf. Gross.   

Data-Barf. Gross.


1. They are measuring way too many things, which leads to “analysis paralysis,” confusion and zero action.

Everything  you measure should change your behavior.   

Everything you measure should change your behavior.


2.   They are measuring the wrong things, which incentivize sub-optimal outcomes that can, slowly over time, bleed your company to death.

No Joke.

Don't be that guy.

Don't be that guy.

3.   They just think they can smell great content and marketing when they see it.


Maybe you can.. but if you’ve built a full customer journey engine, one of the first things you’ll find is that it’s almost impossible to get it right based only on intuition.


Your job now is to distill your strategy down into a few, mission-critical metrics that your business can understand and take action on.


Each stage of your Journey Engine has its own metric(s). Find the critical few metrics and you’ll be able to drive your customer journey like a pilot.


Remember, you are what you measure, so choose wisely!




What's included with your free toolbox:


  • The exact tool-set we use to build, streamline and automate journey engines for our clients


  • A measurement plan template for your JourneyEngine


  • An optional, free 7-part series with details on building the JourneyEngine.