Creating Value with Content Marketing

Part II

The Engine's Components

There are four components you need to build a Customer Journey Engine:


1.     Great Content

2.    Great Marketing

3.    Great Measurement

4.    Great Process


When these three parts work together it’s a real thing of beauty. Each component is forced to account the other three. The whole system can be viewed simply through one lens and the path to business growth becomes crystal clear.


You might be able to get by without one of these components, but your engine just won’t run like it should and your business will never have the opportunity grow to the level it deserves.


If you’re just starting out you’ll build up a critical (enough) mass of great content, use great marketing to amplify that content and then install clean, simple measurement to give you a clear view of the engine and make good content great. 


In this section we'll talk about content; What content is, what makes it great and what to avoid.

Making Content Great Again..

What to Avoid



I talk with a lot of business owners and marketers looking for better results from their marketing. Typically, when I ask them what the number one goal they are trying to achieve, they tell me one of three things;


A.    "I need more traffic to my website" (most everyone)

B.    "I want my website to get more sales" (eCommerce businesses)

C.    "I need more leads" (B2B’s)


Most of these businesses understand the beginning of the journey (getting in front of potential customers) and the later part of the journey (making the sale). The problem is that they don’t have a grasp of what happens in between; getting these prospects to know, like and trust.


When I audit businesses that are having trouble and take a look at their previous marketing activity the story is often the same. Their promotions boil down to different variations of;


A.    “Shouting” at anyone who will listen

B.    Telling them how great the business is (without providing any real value)

C.    Asking (telling) them to "BUY NOW"


These businesses are not actually content marketing.. they are content PIMPIN!


Pimping is marketing that goes straight for the prospect’s jugular, right out of the gate.


The type of marketing that doesn't provide value or try to build a relationship. It ignores the 98% of prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet and focuses on the <2% that are willing to buy the first time they meet the business.


Pimping almost never works.  


The Content Pimp  (don't be this guy)

The Content Pimp (don't be this guy)

BUY Billboard.png

Instead, focus on providing value to your prospects from day one, way before money has ever changed hands. Continue providing value over their lifetime with your business. Always provide content that’s right for the stage they are in and you will win at content marketing.


ROADBLOCK b | being scared


Many businesses I work with have trouble creating valuable content for their audience because they have anxiety about providing free information that they feel they should be charging for.


Fear A. "My prospective clients will just take my secret sauce and implement it themselves"

Fear B. "My competitors will steal my secret sauce and copy my system"


This mentality leads to more PIMPING, (see above) less upfront value for their ideal clients and typically little/no results from their marketing effort.


For example.. many people who represent marketing agencies like to think that in order to sell clients they should “bedazzle” them with marketing lingo, which makes them look super smart (or so they think). This provides mostly confusion, and almost never provides real value.


These phonies give us a bad name.. and to be honest it makes my skin crawl when I see it!


I’d rather give my prospects tangible advice that leaves them better off than they started. On top of just feeling really good, providing up-front value leaves your audience wanting more.


Businesses who let go of the fear tend to be the big winners.


It's important to understand that the people that will take the info and implement it themselves are not the kind of clients you want, and if you have a good offering (I’m sure you do) than it is not really possible for your competition to steal your advantage.


Your job as a content marketer is to provide great value for your clients, before money has ever changed hands. If you do this right, it’s only a matter of time before the sales happen.


This concept is called the strategy of preeminence, by Jay Abraham.


Here’s just a few folks I look up to who really champion the strategy of preeminence for content marketing;



According to Jay, the key to creating value for your clients is through empathy. A true care for the well-being of your clients.  


Here are a few questions to get you started with your content;


  • Who are we communicating to? What problems are we going to help them deal with?

  • How would we have the most positive impact? We’re in their home with them as friends having a conversation with them dedicated to giving them information, dedication and motivation to provide them the greatest benefit until we meet again (focus isn’t you, it’s them).

  • If I were on the receiving end, why would I want this? Why would I want to take advantage? What’s in it for them/me?


Education and value first, sales later. Get the picture? Good!


In the famous words of UFC fighter Nick Diaz.. "DON'T BE SCARED, HOMIE"!


Fortune favors the bold.


So get out there, give up your secret sauce and start creating real value with content marketing!


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