What is a Journey Engine?!

Part I

Selective Laziness | A Marketer's Way of Life

(Why I Automate Content, Marketing and Measurement)

Selective Laziness.png

After countless struggles I've discovered a Jedi-level concept that can help you make an impact in your business and make your work 100x more satisfying and valuable;

in digital marketing, laziness is a virtue!


Selective laziness, that is..


Focus your effort in the wrong places and you’ll spin out of control. You’ll be overloaded with work that never stops, but also never seems to have the impact you want. Kind of like a rat on a wheel.. 


But focus your time, in the right places and you’ll be able to stay “in the saddle”, create the marketing impact you’ve been looking for and give yourself time to do what you really want in your job and your life.


Strategizing, learning, improving your products and services, scaling and growing..


The fun stuff. 


Great tools and the right processes can have a profound impact on your marketing success, your career and your life! 


Today we are going to introduce a toolkit that can eradicate everything about marketing that’s painful for you and your team. Implement even one of tools and you will feel the impact!


Sound good?


Alright! Then let's continue with the series..


What's included with your free toolbox:


  • The exact set of tools that allows us to build, streamline and automate journey engines for our clients


  • A measurement plan template for your JourneyEngine


  • An (optional) free, 7-part series with details on building the JourneyEngine.