Streamlining the JourneyEngine

Part V

Get Lazy with Data, Get Busy with Action


Certain types of “data work” are necessary for your engine to run, but they’re not inherently valuable to the business and just plain suck to do manually.


It’s easy to become consumed by this kind of “grunt” work if you don’t have the tools to avoid it. This where you want to apply selective laziness.


First, understand the three types of work involved with marketing data:


1.    Capture: Setting up the tools, code, tracking pixels, etc. you need to run your content, marketing and measurement (also referred to as “tagging”).


2.    Reporting: Collecting or “pulling” data, populating numbers, formatting marketing reports. This step is necessary for your engine to function, but doesn’t provide much inherent value to the business.


3.    Insights: Analyzing, interpreting what the data is saying and helping your business take action based on the patterns. Creating an impact on the business by optimizing content and marketing. This requires deep understanding of your Customer Journey.


Forming insights is the most valuable of all your data activities!


If you’re a business owner, marketing insights are what will move your bottom line. If you’re an employee, this is the type of work that gets you noticed and gets you a raise and it's, by far, the most fulfilling, profitable and fun of the three kinds of data work!


This is where you should be spending your time and effort.


It is heartbreaking how many marketers misuse their time, tools resources and people.


A focus on work that’s repeatable, thankless and low-value to the business leads to stagnant marketing results, a miserable marketing team and even business failure.


Do NOT let this be you!


Every marketer, analyst and business owner deserves knowledge that will empower them to do work that’s valuable, satisfying and impactful.



Set some parameters for yourself or your team to help you take control, balance your work and make a data-driven business impact.


Here’s the distribution of time you should shoot for in with your measurement work, depending on the size of your team / business:


Above = decent workload balance for a full-time marketing analyst

Above = decent workload balance for a full-time marketing analyst

Above = decent workload balance for a marketer who also handles measurement

Above = decent workload balance for a marketer who also handles measurement


It is best for your company, employer, clients and for your own sanity to minimize and automate as much data capture and reporting as you can so you can focus on what’s important: Insights, Action, Business Impact.


If you're a full-time analyst, you need to make sure that you are spending no more than 35% of your time on data Capture and Reporting.


Not all companies can (or should) have a full-time marketing analyst. If you're a marketer who also handles the measurement you'll need to make sure that you’re not dragging your heels and spending too much time on activities like;

  • Auditing websites
  • Finding keywords
  • Finding, contacting and tracking link-building prospects
  • Setting targeting parameters for ads
  • Building new ads
  • Setting bids
  • Adding rules
  • Sending sales follow-up emails..


A streamlined engine can automate many of these tasks for you and bring focus to your most value-generating work, if you have the right tools.


There are three systems you’ll need to build automation into your engine;


1.    A Tag Management System to help eliminate time and resources spent on data capture.


2.    A Marketing Automation System to help you eliminate the highly repeatable marketing work.


3.   A Data Pipeline to help you eliminate the highly repeatable reporting work and get straight to the insights that help you scale and deliver value.





What's included with your free toolbox:


  • The exact tool-set we use to build, streamline and automate journey engines for our clients


  • A measurement plan template for your JourneyEngine


  • An optional, free 7-part series with details on building the JourneyEngine.